Visual art

Over the course of the years, I have experimented with traditional and contemporary forms of artwork, with subject matters ranging from the sacred to the profane, but usually with some sort of social mission or purpose.

I began learning traditional Byzantine iconography over ten years ago, and continue to produce such icons, mostly under commission. But over the course of the years, I have sought to develop an alternative style which relies on some patterns of traditional iconography, adapted to contemporary Latin American motifs and layered with other iconographies and symbols, which I call “hypericons”. Among my main influences I would cite the work of Cláudio Pastro and Cerezo Barredo.

I have also developed a series of non-sacred artwork that can be briefly defined as a continuous conversation on the power of imagery in contemporary society. It is largely influenced by philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s concepts of hyperreality and simulacra, with the intent to enhance viewers’ perceptions of the world around us, and hopefully bring their attention to urgent issues that remain unnoticed by many. Influential artists who have inspired me are conceptual artists such as Joseph Kosuth, hyper-realists such as Chuck Close and Denis Peterson, and some of the masters such as Caravaggio and 19th Century French Realist painters.

The galleries below list some of my most relevant pieces, and are organized according to theme and style.

Signs of Oppression