Signs of oppression

This series explores issues of oppression and exploitation disguised under mass-produced items we buy in our daily errands.
Buy Oppression (2009) is an installation that emulates a fake department store, with clothes for sale. These, however, have “marks of oppression”: blood stains, dirt, holes and other marks that laborers often suffer due to overwork, bad environmental conditions and accidents. People are invited to choose the clothes they intend to “buy” and wear them at the changing room, which mimics a sweatshop. Its dirty walls are covered with labor rights posters from around the world, and news about from trustworthy news sources, while hidden speakers play continuously the oppressive sound of twenty sewing machines.
In The New Religion (2008), the work that generated this series, religious imagery that is mass-produced by people who most likely do not even know what it is about give to us a powerful statement about the new religion that is dominating our daily lives.
Made in China (2008) presents objects that were really made in China, along some others had their tags deliberately changed, in order to engage the viewer with the not so unrealistic possibility of having such objects really made in mass-production environments. At the end, is it possible to realize with certainty what could not have been made in China?
Constructed Realities (2009) is composed by four simple paintings, which show ordinary objects bought in our daily errands. However, every painted was done in layers, which hide levels of information. Such layers are shown as a slideshow, on screens positioned directly under the paintings. They reveal that, many times, we contribute directly to the oppression of different people around the world by consuming common products.
The last piece of this series is the Stations of the Cross of Globalization (2009), which merges the traditional Stations of the Cross motif with the concept explored in this series. It is also available as a booklet, which contains in-depth explanations regarding each painting and a simple liturgy to be celebrated at home or with a community of faith.

Signs Of Oppression

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