Urban Planning

For over fifteen years, I have worked in the field of Geotechnologies, most recently in terms of municipal planning in Rio de Janeiro.

Most notably, since the early 2000s, I helped develop the e-foto project, an educational and free digital photogrammetric workstation. Over the course of the years, a series of researchers joined it and the Rio de Janeiro State University decided to host it. Also, as part of e-foto, I co-wrote with Dr. Jorge Nunes a book in Portuguese, on Digital Photogrammetry and published by EdUERJ. Apart from the development of e-foto, I have worked on strategies for digital classification of radar imagery in urban areas in the Amazon and a few other projects which deal with the use of geotechnologies for planning.

My current research deals with the identification of cultural and socioeconomic profiles in the city of Rio de Janeiro that go beyond the traditional neighborhood divisions, based on geographic distribution of consumer patterns and the availability of public services. Also, my main duties at Pereira Passos Institute involve maintaining and updating Rio’s Urban Cadastre database and assuring geometric integrity of selected themes of its Urban Information System, most notably transportation and infrastructure.

Apart from that, I am especially interested in studying the evolution of Portuguese colonial cities, especially Rio de Janeiro and its patterns of occupation throughout the centuries.

Selected links and publications:

  • e-foto – A Free Digital Photogrammetric Workstation
  • SIURB – Urban Information System
  • Data Warehouse of Rio de Janeiro (Armazém de Dados)
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