Luiz Coelho is a Geomatics Engineer, with a BEng from the Military Institute of Engineering (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and a MSc in Informatics (with a dissertation on computer-aided classification of remote sensing imagery for environmental uses) from the Federal University of Amazonas (Manaus, Brazil). Currently, he works at the Municipal Institute of Urbanism Pereira Passos and is PhD candidate in the Urban and Regional Planning Program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has worked in the field of Geosciences, with a special focus on the following areas: Geomatics, Environmental Sciences, Urban Planning and Engineering Audit. His currently work deals with the use of Geographic imagery and information as a tool for planning, executing and auditing government policies, especially those related to Environmental and Urban Planning.

Other than that, he pursued his theological formation at Egmont Machado Krischke Theological Seminary, of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil and is an Anglican Priest in the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro. He also has studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta, USA). His current work in the field of Theology deals with Liturgy and Sacred Art as tools for Mission and for building intentional communities.

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